Cultural Diversity

Does God really care how culturally diverse a church is? You bet He does. Jesus reached out to, spoke to, healed, and offered eternal life to people from many different ethnic groups in the thirty-three years that he lived on the earth. God’s Word, the Bible, illustrates that God is not passive about the cultural diversity of His Kingdom or His people - He is intentional about His Kingdom being culturally diverse. Not only did Jesus minister to people of different ethnic groups while on the earth, God’s Word, the Bible, says God is preparing a church from every tongue, every tribe, and every nation (Revelation 5:9).

Every tongue, tribe, and nation means every language, ethnic group, and country. At Meridian Baptist Church, we, too, are intentional about creating a local body of believers that reflects the same cultural diversity that God wants for His Kingdom - and we are making great progress. At Meridian Baptist Church, we are blessed to have a number of languages spoken, people from various ethnic groups, and a number of countries represented.

A number of different ethnic groups are represented too, including African Americans, Hawaiians, Vietnamese, Japanese, and a number of European American groups including Irish, German, English, and Scottish.

The cultural diversity of the congregation is also represented in the leadership structure and the ministries that sustain the life of our church body.

Our African American pastor leads a staff that includes Hawaiians, Europeans, and Vietnamese. At Meridian Baptist Church, we are realizing on earth that cultural diversity reality that God promises will characterize His Church in Heaven.

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Sunday Schedule:

7:30 am: Early Morning Worship Celebration

9:00 am: Bible Study (for all ages)

10:30 am: Children's Church Celebration

10:30 am: Preschool Extended Session

10:30 am: Morning Worship Celebration


12:00 pm: Vietnamese Worship Celebration

Communion: 1st Sunday

Baptism: 2nd Sunday

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We are committed to cultivating personal growth in Christ through the study of God’s Word and through mature Christians who reflect the love of Christ.

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