Community Events

Next Baptismal Service

Meridian’s Baptismal Services 2nd Sunday of every month, @ 10:30 am. All those wishing to be baptized should contact the church office to speak with a Deacon or Pastor before the service.

Next Communion Service

Do This in Remembrance of Me. The Ordinance of Communion 1st Sunday of Each Month

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Contact us

If you have a question about Meridian,
would like to share a prayer request,
or have any other type of message,
please send our staff a message
using this contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Sunday Schedule:

7:30 am: Early Morning Worship Celebration

9:00 am: Bible Study (for all ages)

10:30 am: Children's Church Celebration

10:30 am: Preschool Extended Session

10:30 am: Morning Worship Celebration


12:00 pm: Vietnamese Worship Celebration

Communion: 1st Sunday

Baptism: 2nd Sunday

About Us

We are committed to cultivating personal growth in Christ through the study of God’s Word and through mature Christians who reflect the love of Christ.

Church Address

660 South 3rd Street
El Cajon, CA 92019

(619) 444-3171

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