Bible Studies

Why should I join a Sunday School class?

  • Sunday School might be an occasion for Spiritual Experiences that leads to a strengthened witness to Jesus Christ and to character change.  It is a place where we may grow spiritually.
  • Sunday School may serve the purpose of providing class members with the intellectual tools necessary to appreciate the Scriptures.  We are being taught the Word of God.
  • The classes might provide guidance, or at least an opportunity for serious conversation, about how to approach life difficulties and circumstances from a Divine perspective.
  • These classes provide communion and fellowship with other members of the body; these classes are made up of loving, caring people who share the same common goal.
  • These classes are relevant for all ages: kids, teenagers, singles, married young adults, and seniors.  The biblical study topics range from foundations of our faith to a better understanding of Christ and prophecy, mixed with good fellowship and class participation.  Periodic class parties, hands-on participation in missions, and church-related activities enhance our fellowship.
  • Sunday School classes may provide the necessary training for the saints to equip them for the work of the ministry.
  • And most important reason, it is the foundation of the local church here at Meridian.  It also broadens the base of the church which is necessary for growth.

Sunday Bible Studies - 9:00am

Bible Study Teachers

Rev. Rolland Slade
New Members

Min. Ed Hobbs
Adult 4 (Open to all)

Eugene Mitchell
Faith Builders

Teresa Haendle
Preschool Division Director

Bertha Mitchell
Children's Division Director

Phillip Mitchell
Sunday School Secretary

Pat Rendon
1st – 3rd Grades Class Leader

Norm Rendon
Masterworks (Open to all)

High School (10th - 12th grade)

Tuesday Bible Studies
Rubies (Women Only) 1st and 3rd Tuesdays
Rubies Extra (Women Only) 2nd ,4th and 5th Tuesdays

CONNECT (Young Adults)

Wednesday Bible Studies
Bible Studies For Life - Small Group (Open to all)

Community Bible Study (Open to all)

Thursday Bible Study
Learning Christ (Discipleship) (Open to all)

Sunday Schedule:

7:30 am: Early Morning Worship Celebration

9:00 am: Bible Study (for all ages)

10:30 am: Children's Church Celebration

10:30 am: Preschool Extended Session

10:30 am: Morning Worship Celebration


12:00 pm: Vietnamese Worship Celebration

Communion: 1st Sunday

Baptism: 2nd Sunday

About Us

We are committed to cultivating personal growth in Christ through the study of God’s Word and through mature Christians who reflect the love of Christ.

Church Address

660 South 3rd Street
El Cajon, CA 92019

(619) 444-3171

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